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It was almost not...

Posted on: October 13, 2008 10:08 am
Well Rams fans here we are on the Monday following another Sunday of football for the Blue and Gold.  And this time, we get to celebrate!

I will have to admit right off the bat that we did not play as exceptionally as our team of the 99 season, but, we managed to get a win and overcome some bad decisions and poor mistakes early to get our first win for the team, the new head coach and of course, the fans who always stick by and "Believe". 
Bulger is back at the helm and Coach Haslett has seemingly sent a message to the team that his reign has started and started well.  He brought the team from the depths and for a moment brought a ray of sunshine to a team with a very dismal start.  Holt contributed and Jackson was running in a more determined fashion than all season.  We've suffered another injury to Pace and that worries me.  This is our anchor and the links of the chain are wearing thin. 
Our defense has rebounded and shown it can make a difference and be playmakers.  Fumbles are fumbles even if we don't recover them.  They put a question mark in the minds of the players who had the ball and diminish their confidence just enough sometimes.  Incognito's shouting match with the official will need to be addressed, regardless of what was said or why.  Don't make a foolish mistake that late in the game with the win on the line because of emotions.
I do wonder if the ball that was recovered by the Skins o-lineman which was subsequently knocked out and returned for a TD really made the difference.  Our game play up to that point, while not stellar, was setting a tone of our guys not being self-defeatists, but trying hard to rally around a change in authority and making Coach Hasletts debut a good one.  It will be a question for this week until Wednesday or Thursday if it lasts that long, but our next big task is taking on a Cowboys team that let one get away and after seeing the way the Skins looked past us, don't bet on Romo and the gang to do the same.
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It was almost not...

Just hafta wait till next year.

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